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BodyTime is your friendly neighborhood gym. We offer personal training in a small group setting where all participants receive maximum attention. We are famous for our friendly atmosphere, professional coaches, movement education and motivating mentality. Community is what drives us and we’d love for you to join!

small group


Build and maintain muscle. The strength classes are programmed so you can track your progress and learn more complex movements. A great class if you’re goal oriented and motivated by seeing results.

In this class you will perform exercises that challenge your coordination, strength and flexibility. You’ll work on skill development and interact in a playful way with your fellow BT’ers. Body awareness and an increase in physical capabilities are the result of consistent attendance.
Perform dynamic exercises with a lot of variation in a circuit style set-up. Your focus, strength and cardiovascular system will be challenged considerably leaving you clear headed and full of endorphins!

Movement is not your typical training session. This class combines organic strength, mobility, coordination and play to create a unique and challenging experience for both body and brain.

krav maga

This lesson focuses on creating resilience and self confidence. Realistic combat techniques are combined with coördination, strength and power exercises to challenge you on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Self defense courses

Krav Maga Course

Take your power back! In this unique Krav Maga course you will learn about the principles behind Self Defense and how to apply those in your daily life. You will work on improving realistic combat techniques, self & situational awareness and how to harness your natural instincts. Finish the course with a new feeling about yourself in today’s world! This course meets once a week for 90 minutes for eight weeks. Next Mixed Level course will start on Tuesday 5 September at 7pm.

Personal training

Personal Training

Personal Training means a customised movement program under the guidance and encouragement of a coach. These 60 minute sessions are by appointment only. 

Nutrition Coaching

Working with a coach is one of the best ways to maximize your efforts towards a healthy lifestyle. Training is only one piece to the puzzle, and having someone advise you on the other pieces can make a huge difference. Whether you need nutrition advice, help recovering from an injury, or just someone to hold you accountable, we’ve got your back.

new client intake

We will start with an intake. This 75 minute 1-on-1 session is designed to assess your current condition and future needs. We’ll get to know you and make a customised plan that guides you through your BodyTime journey.


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BodyTime Gym
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Rachel Guglietti
Rachel Guglietti
10:17 13 Feb 24
I joined the gym last October after taking 2 years off from really working out since having a baby. I started with personal training and nutrition with Heather, and absolutely loved it. It was such a nice way to get back into it. Now I’m doing the small group lessons and open gym - the vibe here is so much nicer than other gyms and there is always plenty of space to workout. Everyone I’ve met in class is super friendly and it feels like a community. Very grateful I discovered this gym and even got my husband to join because I was so happy with my experience 😊
Joep Sins
Joep Sins
11:20 09 Jan 24
Absolutely recommended! I have enjoyed training at Bodytime for about 5 years. It really is a very nice and accessible gym with all top trainers! During my time at Bodytime I was able to make really big steps in my strength and flexibility, thanks to their personal guidance and small-scale groups. Many thanks for that, also to the rest of the team!
Sébastien Genicot
Sébastien Genicot
22:18 25 Nov 23
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