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Small group lessons


Experience strength training in small groups! If you're looking for an effective way to build and maintain muscle mass, you've come to the right place. Our strength programs last for 6 weeks, and you can join at any time!


One sure fire way to enjoy life: staying mobile. Our small group mobility classes provide injury prevention and healing, enhance your coordination body awareness and always support the content of the current strength program.


How often do you get your heart rate up? With a mix of dynamic exercises, variety, and a circuit-style setup, you'll find that your body and mind are challenged in unique and stimulating ways enhancing your cardiovascular health and overall fitness.


Our small group movement classes are designed to introduce you to a revolutionary approach to fitness. Forget the standard workout routines – with us, it's all about creating a holistic experience that challenges and transforms not only your body but also your mind.

fight fit

During our small group fight fit classes, you'll not only train your physical strength but also work on increasing your resilience and self-confidence. Our unique approach combines realistic combat techniques with coordination, strength, and power exercises to challenge you on multiple levels: physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Krav maga course

During this periodic 6 or 8-week course, we focus on enhancing your self-confidence, situational awareness, and overall fitness. You'll learn to manage fear, tension, and stress effectively and develop a different perspective on your surroundings. The goal is to assess and avoid risky, stressful, and/or dangerous situations in a timely manner. In addition to teaching realistic self-defense techniques – the Krav Maga curriculum – our approach includes improving mobility, coordination, and strength. Breathing exercises and meditation will help you align your body and mind in harmony. It's a unique blend!









Personal Training

Unlock your full potential with 1-on-1 Personal Training. We believe that every individual has unique needs and goals when it comes to health and fitness. That's why we offer comprehensive Personal Training sessions where we work together with you to create customized training programs. These programs reflect your personal objectives, help you achieve your goals and hold you 100% accountable.

Nutrition Coaching

A healthy lifestyle involves more than just physical training. Knowing how to properly fuel your body is a key component and our nutrition coaching offers just that. Work 1-on-1 with one of our nutritionists to learn the fundamentals of food and what works best for your body while receiving invaluable support towards reaching your goals.








Our motivation and determination

Our mission is to build a tight-knit community together. We believe that a supportive and positive environment plays a crucial role in achieving success in fitness, health, and vitality. Training together, encouraging one another, and celebrating achievements create a bond that extends beyond the gym walls. We want you to feel not only like a member of our gym but also a part of the growing BodyTime family.

So, if you're looking for a gym where personal attention, professional guidance, education, and a sense of community come together, we warmly invite you to join us at BodyTime. Together, we can work towards achieving your fitness goals and enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.


Satisfied Clients


Years of combined experience 



Ready to start? Let's go!

We start with an intake. This 1-on-1 session of 75 minutes is designed to assess your current physical condition and future needs. We get to know you and create a customized plan that guides you on your BodyTime journey.


maxime pinet
maxime pinet
Super salle de sport
Bugce Cetin
Bugce Cetin
Amazing!! Feels like home when I think about it. I feel so comfortable with the trainers and the people attending. Everyone has their own pace which is great to have for new starters. I would recommend joining all the classes through out the week, they improve you in so many different ways. Mobility and strength are my favorite!! Truly friendly neighborhood gym! <3 <3
Aleksei Shliakhov (alex.project1995)
Aleksei Shliakhov (alex.project1995)
Great gym and wonderful trainers.
Marieke de Visscher
Marieke de Visscher
In 6 weeks I reached my goals in a sustainable and exciting way! I did PT (go Heather!), Nutritional coaching and group training. Would definitely recommend it!
Nathalie Weetjewel
Nathalie Weetjewel
Best gym I have every been to as I don't like the gyms where the testosterone is flying through the roof. The atmosphere at BT gym is really friendly and focussed on getting to know you and your personal goals. During the training sessions (I only did small group trainings) they spend a lot of time teaching you to execute the exercises well. I joined this gym as my body is injury prone and my mind wants to go faster then my body can. Heather and the other trainers guided me well during my time here and my body was getting stronger and more resistant to injuries. I recently moved to the other side of the city so I unfortunately had to leave. I really recommend this gym for anyone who likes a friendly training environment where they have time and attention for you to help you reach your training goals. Nathalie
Ebru Dogan
Ebru Dogan
Leukste Gym heel betrokken team en leuke groepslessen! Top bedrijf 🥰
Isabel Malaret
Isabel Malaret
Really great variety of classes with super professional and knowledgeable trainers 🤍. The environment at Bodytime is friendly, kind and respectful making it the perfect environment for everyone to take care of themselves :)
Florencia Alonso
Florencia Alonso
This is no regular gym. At body time you really get a full hour of complete mind shut down with playful activities and challenging movements. It also promotes a sense of community, something very rare in our society nowadays. I have only good words about the place and the people working there!

BodyTime Gym
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Pedro Montes
Pedro Montes
08:53 08 May 24
I feel so lucky to have found this little gem in the neighborhood! All of the trainers are professional and extremely passionate about what they do, which really shows in the classes they prepare, their workout dynamics, and the level of attention they give to each of us. They helped me become more aware and more comfortable with my body, and for that, I could not be more thankful. THANK YOU, BT TEAM!
Samuel De Giaro
Samuel De Giaro
08:47 08 May 24
Working out at Body Time is a great experience, the trainers always manage to focus on you, even on the group classes. Loved working out both with Jeroen and Mark as personal trainers, and I am really happy with my overall progress! I'm always happy to work out with such friendly and nice people! Thank you BT Team!
Akshara Jhingran
Akshara Jhingran
15:20 07 May 24
My experience at Bodytime has been my best gym experience so far, I have been trying to workout regularly since many years but with Bodytime I have started to understand my body better and enjoy hitting to gym at least 3 times a week. Each coach have their own unique way of handling the group classes, which keeps each class exciting and different. They have unique programs where they focus on learning movements and you keep improving them so it's perfect for all levels. Highly recommend anyone who stumbles upon this gym to give it a shot. 🙂
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