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What makes bodytime unique?

Experienced Coaches

Every BT coach has undergone a comprehensive training program specifically developed for BodyTime. We work as a team with a unified vision and diverse specializations. We continue to learn, inspire, and motivate each other. Rest assured, you are always in good hands with a BT coach!

Programmed Lessons

BT lessons are meticulously designed, tested, and programmed. Structure and repetition lead to a deeper understanding of your body and a higher level of self-confidence. We give you the time to learn new things and master complex movements!

Community first

No anonymous gym visits at BT! We take pride in knowing the names of all our members and regularly organize social events. It's also not uncommon for BodyTime kids to pay mom or dad a visit at the gym. Community is our priority!

Our core values

STrong body

The strength and freedom to be yourself, to stand tall and confidently navigate life. Enjoy to move, lift heavy, run for the train, hang, balance, reconnect with the ground, live pain-free!

clear mind

Reducing external stimuli is essential for regulating stress, developing a clear focus and finding your compass. Connect with your body, your intuition and instinct, feel the sensations, concentrate on your breathing and clear your head!

big HeART

Being able to experience life with compassion and love for yourself and for others. Everyone is unique and we need each other. That is why we are there for each other, motivate and help each other where necessary. Each at his/her own pace and fitnesslevel!

Our gym

Back to basic

Come in, kick off your shoes, hang up your coat and take a seat at the communal kitchen table for a conversation with other members. Or dive straight into the lesson! No reception, luxurious changing rooms or large fitness equipment here, but a place that invites you to move and offers space for play and social interaction.









Family business

We are a family business, started in 2009 from the need to connect with each other through movement. Our mission is to help others being healthy and happy and thereby contribute to a better world. Our gym offers plenty of room for inspiration, motivation and personal development. If we keep each other involved and motivated, good results will follow!


Hi! I’m Jeroen. Owner and founder of BodyTime Gym. I’m famous for my “you can always do more than you think you can” attitude and for bringing Krav Maga Self Defense to Amsterdam Oud-West. In my spare time you can find me grilling on the BBQ, spending time with my wife and two sons or fixing all the things they have accidentally broken.


Hi! I’m Heather. Life partner to Jeroen and manager of BodyTime Gym. I’m famous for my ability to manage a calendar and tell people what to do. In my spare time you can find me at various playgrounds trying to impress my sons and asking Jeroen for something to eat.

Hi! I’m Mark. I’m famous for my condition classes and my ability to talk for a lengthy amount of time. In my spare time you can find me training for ultra distance cycling competitions, trying to convince my teenagers to hang out with me, or on a walk with my beautiful wife.
Hi! I’m Stylianos. I’m famous for my relaxed Mediterranean vibe and for teaching fun, inspiring classes. In my spare time you can find me developing my passion for movement and eating halloumi.
Hi! I’m Anna. I’m famous for carrying around a model of a human pelvis and teaching unique and challenging classes. When I’m not busy with my other passion of teaching Pilates, you can find me on a SUP board or with my husband and son on free diving adventures.

Hi! I’m Lo and I’m new around here. I’m a professional dancer with a passion for learning and am excited to bring my skills to the BodyTime Team. Check back in a few months to find out what I’m famous for….


maxime pinet
maxime pinet
Super salle de sport
Bugce Cetin
Bugce Cetin
Amazing!! Feels like home when I think about it. I feel so comfortable with the trainers and the people attending. Everyone has their own pace which is great to have for new starters. I would recommend joining all the classes through out the week, they improve you in so many different ways. Mobility and strength are my favorite!! Truly friendly neighborhood gym! <3 <3
Aleksei Shliakhov (alex.project1995)
Aleksei Shliakhov (alex.project1995)
Great gym and wonderful trainers.
Marieke de Visscher
Marieke de Visscher
In 6 weeks I reached my goals in a sustainable and exciting way! I did PT (go Heather!), Nutritional coaching and group training. Would definitely recommend it!
Nathalie Weetjewel
Nathalie Weetjewel
Best gym I have every been to as I don't like the gyms where the testosterone is flying through the roof. The atmosphere at BT gym is really friendly and focussed on getting to know you and your personal goals. During the training sessions (I only did small group trainings) they spend a lot of time teaching you to execute the exercises well. I joined this gym as my body is injury prone and my mind wants to go faster then my body can. Heather and the other trainers guided me well during my time here and my body was getting stronger and more resistant to injuries. I recently moved to the other side of the city so I unfortunately had to leave. I really recommend this gym for anyone who likes a friendly training environment where they have time and attention for you to help you reach your training goals. Nathalie
Ebru Dogan
Ebru Dogan
Leukste Gym heel betrokken team en leuke groepslessen! Top bedrijf 🥰
Isabel Malaret
Isabel Malaret
Really great variety of classes with super professional and knowledgeable trainers 🤍. The environment at Bodytime is friendly, kind and respectful making it the perfect environment for everyone to take care of themselves 🙂
Florencia Alonso
Florencia Alonso
This is no regular gym. At body time you really get a full hour of complete mind shut down with playful activities and challenging movements. It also promotes a sense of community, something very rare in our society nowadays. I have only good words about the place and the people working there!

BodyTime Gym
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Sébastien Genicot
Sébastien Genicot
22:18 25 Nov 23
Christelle Van Voren
Christelle Van Voren
18:27 13 Nov 23
Finally found a gym that suits me! Small groups (max 8), always variety, challenging lessons (also mentally!), lots of personal attention, expert and very pleasant. Fortunately no macho culture! It feels like a community, which encourages me to go several times a week. In short, it's definitely worth taking a look.
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