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Hoe vaak moet ik trainen?

“How often should I train?” This is a question we hear often and the truthful answer is: it depends. 

What are your goals? What do you want to achieve through training at BodyTime? We break the answer down into a few parts:

“I want to get stronger”

If putting on muscle is your goal, it’s important that you are strength training a minimum of two times per week. Three times is preferred! We have 12+ strength classes per week and all of the strength classes follow the same program. This makes it easy for you to train the same muscle groups week after week with attention to timely progressions. This will result in hypertrophy or muscle growth. 

“I want to feel fit”

If feeling generally good in your body is what you’re seeking you can train as often as five times per week*. Because we offer a variety of classes you can take a different class every day and never get bored – or too sore! You can go the traditional route with strength and conditioning and then switch it up with more general physical preparedness classes like mobility and movement. 

*If you’re training 5x/week we recommend exploring our online and outdoor options, too!

“I want to lose weight”

If losing weight is your goal, it’s important to approach nutrition with just as much attention as you do training. Seeking professional* help in this area can be a game changer. Proper guidance can save you a lot of guesswork! 

We have 3 nutrition coaches on staff with all different areas of expertise. Send a message to info@bodytime.nl to find out more.

We hope this post helps answer your question. Remember, whatever your goals, BodyTime is here to help you achieve them. 

See you soon at the gym!