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Recovery is the body’s process of re-building the energy that was broken down or lost through activity. Knowing when to enter recovery mode can be one of your most valuable self preservation tools. We tend to be able to do this on a larger scale; not a lot can come between us and taking our vacations. But what about on a day-to-day basis? Here are 4 steps to recovery that can help you better prepare yourself for tomorrow. 

Step 1: Determine your peak hours

These are the hours in your day in which you naturally feel the most enthusiasm for life. Maybe it’s first thing in the morning after you’ve had your coffee, or maybe it’s the last few hours of the day when you have some alone time. It’s different for everybody. Schedule your least favorite activities during these hours. They will take less energy and be over with faster. 

Step 2: Determine your slump hours

These are the hours in your day in which you just really can’t be arsed. Your energy is low, your enthusiasm to work or to play just isn’t there. Chances are you’d rather be sleeping. DON’T schedule your least favorite activities during these hours. It will only enforce that they are your least favorite!

Step 3: Schedule a break during your slump hours

Once you’ve determined your slump hours, EMBRACE THEM. Don’t feel guilty for your body’s natural circadian rhythm. Schedule a daily break during these hours, transforming them into a time you look forward to instead of a time you dread. 

Step 4: Decide how to use that break

A break can be as simple as tuning into a meditation app for 5 minutes, or as in depth as taking a 1 hour lunch and a 20 minute power nap. Determine the minimum break you need to feel genuinely refreshed and ready to finish the day with your best foot forward. 

Small exercises of introspection like this can make a big difference when it comes to productivity and recovery. Both are an important part of being able to do our best, whether in work life or home life. Now, enjoy your rest!