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  1. Don’t show up hungry. The best way to avoid overdoing it on the cheese plate before dinner even starts? Don’t show up hungry! Try eating a protein rich snack an hour before the party starts. With something already in your stomach you’re more likely to snack moderately instead of feasting on the first thing you see. 

  1. Delay gratification. Practice delayed gratification instead of restriction. Don’t deny yourself, delay yourself. If you want to have a drink, try waiting an hour after the party starts to have the first one. If you love sweets, try saving them for the end of the day. Restriction will likely result in overconsumption while delaying will not.

  1. Conscious indulging. Choose to indulge! Rather than mindlessly eating whatever is put in front of you, scan the table for your absolute favorite food and go for it. Enjoy the foods you love wholeheartedly and don’t consume for the sake of consuming. 

  1. Hydrate. It’s not uncommon for our brain to mistake thirst for hunger. If you find yourself constantly snacking and feeling a bit too full or bloated at the end of the day, mind your water intake. About half an hour before you start eating, try drinking 500ml of water. (It’s important to wait that half an hour so your gastric juices can get back up and running which will aid in proper digestion.)

  1. Be compassionate. Give yourself a break and permission to relax and enjoy.