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The freedom to live your life with confidence. Lift heavy things, run for the train, make contact with the floor, live pain free!




Empty your head. Reduce external distractions, get in the moment, prolong your focus, and enjoy the benefits!


Triumph over your own daily struggles to increase your empathy for others. Become an integral part of a community. We’re all in this together!


small group

In this class you will perform exercises that challenge your coordination, strength and flexibility. You’ll work on skill development and interact in a playful way with your fellow BT’ers. Body awareness and an increase in physical capabilities are the result of consistent attendance.
Build and maintain muscle. Follow monthly programs to track your progress and learn more complex movements. A great class if you are goal oriented and motivated by seeing results.
Perform dynamic exercises with a lot of variation in a circuit style set-up. Your focus, strength and cardiovascular system will be challenged considerably leaving you clear headed and full of endorphins!

A brand new group class experience. This lesson focuses on creating resilience by using the principles behind Krav Maga and other martial arts. Realistic combat techniques are combined with strength, power and cardio exercises to challenge you on a physical, mental and emotional level.






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BodyTime Gym
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Callum CallinanCallum Callinan
21:52 17 Feb 22
Great gym - highly recommend to anyone. All the trainers are excellent. The small 8 person (max) classes mean they can tailor the sessions to each individual in the room, from day 1 beginner through to advanced lifters. I can always get a space in the classes I want - and there is a whole range, including mobility, strength, and HIIT style sessions
16:42 09 Feb 22
Great place to work out. Passionate and friendly people, nice community feeling and skilled trainers that know what they are doing. I've been training here for many years on a day to day basis. Would advice to anyone who likes to book progress in a responsible and professional manner.
Signe KondoSigne Kondo
14:49 09 Feb 22
I love Body Time. So thankful for the beautiful community we have in this gym. They did such a wonderful job on creating a safe place where people can come as they are, and share that time with others while training. Trainers are always there with listening ears and are there to answer any of the questions we have. This is not just. a gym but a beautiful community and space they created for the people. So thank you Body Time and excited to share many more fun times together working out.
Clara LohmerClara Lohmer
12:52 09 Feb 22
I have only been a member for a couple of months but I can say that I felt an amazing atmosphere at BodyTime from day 1 on!The trainers have a very special approach towards sports and movement. Individual needs are always taken care of while encouraging team and community spirit. All this creates a very safe and comfortable environment for everyone.It is the first gym I have been to very body-mind awareness and intense training sessions come together!Can only recommend for anyone, not matter the goals or fitness level!
18:34 26 Jan 22
I have been often passing by Body Time and I eventually entered to check if I could get what I was looking for: small group circuit training focused on condition and body shape.That was 2 years ago. I'm still a happy member. I enjoy the trainings, the attention that I receive during classes, and the cozy atmosphere of a neighbourhood-gym.