I’m back in Israël again with my teacher Shimon Harpaz.  It’s always such a privilege to be around this man and learn from him. He is so real,  passionate and pure. You can feel it.  His understanding and knowledge about movement, the human body and self defence is simply mind blowing.

He is the real deal. He walks the talk. Shimon is double my age, he is super energized and very fit. He rises daily at 5am to train mental stamina, internal martial arts, movement, running, ocean swimming and Krav Maga. Sometimes I can’t keep up with him!

Shimon was taught and trained by Imi Lichtenfeld, the founder of Krav Maga. They became close friends. During the last years of Imi’s life, they spent a lot of time together, often reenacting and analyzing violent situations which occurred in daily life. They researched ancient techniques and created new ones. Imi passed away in 1998. I like to listen to Shimon’s stories about him and the time they spent together.

Shimon worked for the large international Krav Maga organisations. He trained and assessed civilians, security personnel and soldiers. Eventually he stepped down and chose to follow another path. He wanted to focus more on understanding the philosophy and principles behind Imi’s concepts about self defence. And how their founder intended them to be used.

Shimon is teaching authentic Krav Maga to anyone who is interested in learning and eventually teaching these principles. The aim is to teach and educate students, how to protect themselves and the ones they love; how to protect them both physically and mentally.

I truly believe this philosophy can help contribute to a better world. A world with less violence. A world where we can celebrate the beauty of the planet we inhibit. Anyone who wants to make the world a better place should be open to learning. I will support him on this mission wherever I can.

What to expect the coming period

Krav Maga seminar on saturday 18th november 1pm-3pm (men) and sunday 19th november 1pm-3pm (women) at Bodytime Amsterdam, led by Jeroen. And a brand new, unique and intensive instructor’s course, led by Shimon and other international teachers is planned around spring 2018 in Israël or NL. Including mental training, movement, strength & conditioning and breathework.

If you are interested in learning or teaching authentic Krav Maga and want to attend a seminar or course contact us by e-mail at info@bodytime.nl